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I'm no bookworm or a genius—just a guy with an endless curiosity to read anything I can get my hands on. Fortunately, I've been able to invest in books regularly, and I've built a collection I hope to one day pass down as a legacy.


In my early years, I considered making reading my full-time occupation. But my vision was limited, and soon, apps like Blinkist captured what I needed to include: summarizing books for busy readers can be pretty lucrative.


So now I have mixed emotions. I'm happy to access concise overviews of complex texts easily. Yet I'm wistful about the fortune I left on the table by sleeping on that idea. As they say, ideas only knock once—if welcomed, they can alter your life. If not, they change someone else's.


I'd love to share my favorite reads from my collection. This could help other curious minds discover new perspectives in their reading journey. Someday, I wish to share my notes from some of these books; for now, they are all a part of my Zettelkasten. I am sure technology will provide an easy way to transfer those to my blog easily in the future. 

Library Bookshelves

Books that have inspired and helped me navigate my career and life.

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