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Thank you for landing here. I promise the next few minutes you spend will definitely be worth your while. As you explore my little corner of the internet, it is my hope that you will find yourself entertained, informed and inspired.

About Me

Welcome to my journey, a blend of over twenty years of dedication to innovative marketing strategies and small journeys in entrepreneurship. I'm Manoj Khilnani, shaped by a myriad of life experiences. I am deeply thankful for the rich tapestry of opportunities that life has woven into both my personal and professional paths.

While I'm a seasoned marketing professional based in San Diego, CA, I'm also an aspiring writer and photographer.
My days are often filled with the joy of losing myself in books, experimenting with new recipes, and contemplating ways to reintroduce a human touch in marketing, looking beyond mere numbers for true value.

My goal with this blog is to share my unique perspectives about marketing, photography, books and life in general  - whether through thought-provoking commentary, captivating stories and anecdotes, helpful advice and insights,
or even just a few laughs along the way. I aim is to write openly and honestly about topics I'm passionate about,
and provide some value for readers like yourself while you are here.

So make yourself at home! Have a look around, check out some pics. Feedback and comments are always welcome too. I'm glad you're here, and I hope you continue to find this site engaging, enlightening, and enjoyable.

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